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Breviin Cloners Medical report Empty Breviin Cloners Medical report

Post by Peter Max on Sun Nov 17, 2013 5:12 pm

-Cloner Ni Sai: Medical report-

We have managed to use the Derra virus´ strain and manipulate Peter Max´s Mandalorian DNA to mix it with the DNA of a known Togorian warrior who donated a DNA sample.
Peter Max underwent voluntarily through this procedure giving up his humanity “as a symbol of support to all non human races that are oppressed by the Imperial Union, and at the same time increase his fighting capabilities…”

The procedure was a success although the subject has presented behavioral changes such as, and incontrollable fury…

This was the first official statement that the subject gave after the procedure:
“I feel it… I feel the fury, the strength, the spirit of the Togorian mixing with the tenacity and defiance of my Mandalorian heritage …”

My official opinion is that it was a complete success and it opens the possibility of future procedures.

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