The Breviin Revolution

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The Breviin Revolution Empty The Breviin Revolution

Post by Peter Max on Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:12 am

The Breviin Revolution:

The Breviin Revolution is a movement that involves clan Breviin and its struggle against oppression.
It all started with the Death Watch and its fight against the Mandalore Government and the following dissolution of the death watch, (note that this does not refer to the Hellion affiliated deathwatch movement that happened a few years back).

While Breviin retains the same goal of the Death watch, which is restore the mandalorians to its ancient warrior and conquerors glory it now plans to accomplish its goal by becoming and independent, sovereign Mandalorian government.

Many clans and mandalorian groups have considered this an outrage to the mandalorian customs and even their own interests, causing many clans to consider Breviin a hostile force, and even denying the status of Aliit by not recognizing Breviin as an active clan.

Therefore Breviin´s doctrine has evolved in to a defiant philosophy; Breviin will consider an enemy and actively fight against any faction, group, NFG, clan, individual or government that threatens Aliit Breviin´s goals; at the same time Breviin has evolved from self-defense and has made clear that it will also defend its allies, fight those who oppress the defenseless and the innocent.

Clan Breviin has united forces with the Krath dynasty, and formed part of the so called “krath Dynasty alliance” , and subsequently Galactic alliance.

Clan Breviin considers that an oppressive force is the one that performs arbitrary and cruel exercises of power; this includes not just the powerful governments, but also Criminal groups and gangs that are considered one of the Imperial tentacles (Theory of the Imperial Dianoga)
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