Breviin and the Resol'nare

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Breviin and the Resol'nare Empty Breviin and the Resol'nare

Post by Peter Max on Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:09 pm

The Resol'nare… Six Actions, the tenets of Mando life.

Ba’jur, Education:
Breviin Mandalorians are educated in the mandalorian and Breviin ways, every Breviin mandalorian must be adopted by a more experienced vod who will teach him/her everything they need to know about being a Breviin Mandalorian.

beskar’gam, Armour:
Breviin lost Access to the beskar iron, many years ago, but the tradition of wearing the warrior´s armour. There are different types of armor:
Vode armour :Armour Given to the youngest and newer brothers of breviin, these are armours that belonged to ancient warriors, martyrs; each armour has its own history and design.
Warrior armour: Armour purchased and customized by any Breviin vod.
True Armour: Armour taken from Either an enemy or a bandit and customized by its new owner.

Mando’a bal, language :
Breviin mandalorians use the mandalorian language as a sign of respect to other clans and mandalorians, and as a legacy of our roots.

Defense of oneself, clan and family, Breviin vode fight against oppression of any type hostility towards its brothers and allies.
Defiance is Breviin ´s main characteristic.

An vencuyan mhi, all help us survive:
Everyone in Breviin contributes to the clan´s welfare and the revolution.

While Breviin does not recognize any of the current Mandalor as the true one, Breviin does not discard the possibility of recognizing a future mandalore, the one that will unite the clans, wear the mandalor mask, a true warrior, and a conqueror.

Being this last action the cause of many conflicts with other clans that wish to impose a mandalor to breviin.
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