Theory of the Imperial Dianoga

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Theory of the Imperial Dianoga Empty Theory of the Imperial Dianoga

Post by Peter Max on Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:37 am

Theory of the Imperial Dianoga:

The theory makes reference to the Dianoga as a symbol that represents the Imperial Union; each of its eight tentacles represents one of its oppressive tactics to maintain control over the Galaxy, and its eye represents the Galactic Empire.

Its eight tentacles are represented by the following tactics below:

1- Military Power: The Imperial Unions most important mean of oppression is their powerful military, threatening with total destruction to anyone that does not bow nor accepts their doctrine.
2- Economic Power: Privatization and embargoes to weaken anyone that refuses to follow the Imperial economic doctrine. Providing their allies and supporters with all the economic aid and restricted technology to destabilize the balance between those who are sovereign and those who bow and follow the Imperial ideology.
3- Legal Power: imposing the law to the galaxy, and manipulating their own laws to always favor those who kneel before the emperor.
4- Religion: imposing their own religions numbing the mind and creativity of sentient, and forcing them to submission, ignorance, hypocrisy and brutality; Using the Sith order and the dark side to eliminate everyone that opposes and the persecution of everyone that follows a religion based on the light side of the force or that threatens the sith supremacy.
5- Communication: Preventing the communication from people to people by monopolizing the media and illegalizing other alternatives.
6- Crime: empowering and supporting criminal organization, pirates and gangs that terrorize the people without any limits.
7- The Elite: creating the environment for the existence of the wealthiest, the smaller population with the most resources, in imaginable wealth while the majority of the galaxy dies of hunger and poverty. Promoting the racism towards all non-human races and the classification of them as lower and unworthy species.
8- Corruption: propitiating the environment for corruption in every corner of the galaxy, not prosecuting corrupt and important figures making it normal and an usual practice within the empire.

With these tactics the empire maintains its power and rule in the Galaxy, but there is always hope, as long as oppression exists, there will be revolution, the highest rung that can be reached by any species is to be revolutionary.

With this philosophy Clan Breviin Supports the Galactic Alliance and the struggle against the Imperial Union.

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